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Can We Incorporate Civility on the Job?

It is important to come to work and expect that all the people on your job  treat you with kindness and respect. In essence we are talking about civility which deals with a 'formal politeness and courtesy in behavior of speech.' 

So what can your supervisor do to ensure that all the people on their teams, or in their departments treat each other with civility? (Porath, 2018):

Articulate values and set expectations: managers explicitly set values and expectations from the hiring process and on. Daily acts between employees affect how they relate to one another, and the idea is to create a positive workplace.

Managers ought to define civility on the job: through a workplace statement of civility or code of conduct.

Teach your employees skills to understand and respect facility (Cave's Code of Civility):

a. Greet and Acknowledge one another.

b. Say please and thank you.

c. Treat one another equally with respect, no matter what the situation is.

d. Acknowledge that our behavior has an impact on others.

e. Welcome feedback from one another.

f. We can be approached by any of our colleagues.

g. We are direct, sensitive to and honest with one another.

h. Acknowledge the contributions of your colleagues.

i. Respect the time commitments of your colleagues.

If we could incorporate these codes that represent civility on our jobs, for sure workplace bullying would decrease.


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