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Can the Toxic Manager Become a Cooperative Leader?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

The cooperative manager is one who allows free flow of thinking amongst colleagues without fear of retribution, employs trust amongst everyone on the team, where everyone has an equal chance of being promoted, based on merit or work ethic. Criticism is viewed positively, and said sparingly, by demonstrating positive feedback-there is confidence in the team-and belief in the efficiency and effectiveness of the workplace climate. There is integrity and moral values, and no self-aggrandizement, as everyone works together in a collegial and civil way.

According to Perez (2012) the toxic manager must recognize his/her shortcomings and need for self-improvement. The team of the toxic boss must be willing to openly confront their manager, and offer solutions and assistance, without fear of losing their jobs. Senior management above the manager, exhibiting toxic behavior, must get involved and provide for this manager positive mentorship and monitoring. Proactive counseling and learning how to communicate effectively may be necessary for not only the manager who exhibits toxic behavior, but for the team working under such a manager. The idea is to work in a safe and productive environment, and this may be the first step to accomplishing this. We will continue to discuss this important issue affecting so many of us in future blogs.

Have you seen a toxic manager become a cooperative manager?

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