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Can Our Workplaces Safely Open and Will Our Staff Obey the Rules?

We know that colleges and universities across the country are having conversations about reopening, after this past, memorable lockdown due to COVID19. Some colleges are not doing anything about this now, because perhaps they need to set into place certain policies and procedures at their colleges, like the existence of 'public health coordinators,' who will monitor that everyone on campus wear personal protective equipment-masks, gloves, etc., all over campus.

Most likely campus public safety should receive training in enforcing these new rules, and subsequently help train other staff members and students to answer questions, to direct staff and students to hand sanitizer stations, and to reduce the numbers of students and staff congregating near entrances and on campus.

So the question will be how to get students, faculty and staff to follow these new rules. To top it off many colleges and universities suffered from health and safety issues before the lockdown, so now we are compounded with pre and post COVID-19 health and safety issues.

This whole discussion here, can be inferred to office staff, and colleagues at corporations, and similar environments.

We need to empower students, staff, colleagues in various workplace environments to construct plans for having everyone comply with these new rules.The focus of these rules is to avoid risky behaviors that can fatally lead to sickness and physical issues in the future.

We will all need to comply with wearing face coverings in public, monitoring social distancing, signage on campus or in our workplaces-even mandatory testing sites in your work areas.

How would you institute this plan in your office workplace?


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