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  • Clara Wajngurt

Can Free Speech Incite Bullying Behavior?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The Chronicle of Higher Education's (March 22, 2019) article on 'Use A Slur to Teach Free Speech Law? No More', discusses  how a professor, Prof. Geoffrey Stone from the University of Chicago Law School says he stopped using the N-word in his class.

'For years, the University of Chicago's law professor used the racial epithet during class, to illustrate the 'fighting words doctrine' which refers to the use of language that could incite violence.'

In an essay written by David Raban, who was a student of Stone, in The Chicago Maroon, with the headline "Racism Thrives at the Law School" criticized Stone who 'signaled to white students in the class, that saying the N-word is acceptable,' which created a safe space for racism and a hostile environment for education.'

What this implies essentially is if we show civil behavior in class and out of class - showing respectful behavior to all, this attitude will reduce instances of bullying behavior.

Don't you think we should follow norms of civility and show respect to others and their  diverse backgrounds?


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