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Can Bullying lead to Suicide?

I recently read an article in the March 19th issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education-- an article titled 'A Prominent Economist's Death Prompts Talk of Mental Health in the Professoriate.'

It was about Alan B.Kruger who was well known in the field of economics and who committed suicide this passed month. At the funeral it was mentioned that mental illness can occur amongst professors, and just because one is professionally successful, it does not mean one is without personal struggles.The article continues about the importance of being more open about our #depression, pain on the job and possible mental illness.

So of course I am thinking about the targets of bullying in our professional environments who are suppressed in thinking, afraid to speak up, #fear and shudder about confrontation with their bosses and finally suffer in their #mental anguish. How often have we heard of colleagues who are bullied and then commit #suicide. If we read about bullying enough these situations will arise.

We need to speak out openly about mental #illness and start communicating about ways to combat mental illness caused by the challenges of our jobs. Bullying cannot lead to mental illness and suicide.


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