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Bullying in the Workplace

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Bullying in the workplace is costly to everyone concerned. When the bullied worker is unhappy, it is possible for the worker to develop mental and physical symptoms as a response to the bullying. Workplace bullying has a detrimental effect on all employees who work at the college.The anxiety, disengagement, dissatisfaction and distraction felt by the employee who is bullied, resonates with everyone who works at the university and is aware of the bullied incident. Essentially, employees  in this case, dread the return each day to a job that is characteristic of high stress.misdirected bosses and narrow budgets.

Now let's add to this scenario the boss who bullies---and who victimizes the staff by making unexpected changes to projects with given deadlines..especially during challenging times on the job, and who insults the staff when orders are not followed.

Clearly the climate in this job scenario must be changed--and when incivility, bullying, discrimination and harassment exist on the job, the workplace environment becomes unhealthy. This behavior from bully to the pne who is bullied--occurring on the job eventually becomes costly to the university.

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