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  • Clara Wajngurt

Bullying and Stress

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Imagine the following scenarios: 

     1. Your boss embarrasses you at a team meeting by saying that your work is not effective.
     2. Your co-worker gossips about you and spreads rumors about the visitors you receive.
     3. Another co-worker withholds important information from you-for a project you are doing.

Each of these scenarios cause workplace stress for the one who is bullied. Suddenly, the target feels anxiety, a lowered resistance to disease, headaches, high blood pressure and a variety of other physical symptoms. Then, all of a sudden the embarrassment caused by your boss causes you to break down, to feel depressed--you know you do great work.

What is going on here? The rumors spread by your co-worker instill an unusual degree of fear and a sense of isolation and insecurity in you, and a variety of other psychological/emotional symptoms.Then, when you realize that  your co-worker has withheld information from you--for this important project you want to complete--you feel tearful, angry and indecisive.Soon other colleagues withdraw their support of you and it seems like they have  joined in with the bully-which further increases your stress and emotional injury,

Have you felt this on your job?


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