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  • Clara Wajngurt

Bullying and PTSD

Any traumatic event including workplace bullying can cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD). 

Bullying has a lasting impact on targets-where the targets can experience anxiety, fear, sleeplessness and depression. This is because the targets feel vulnerable, powerless and cannot defend themselves.Research shows there is a distinct link between bullying and PTSD which is an anxiety disorder. PTSD results when the target directly feels threatened, or was injured ,or was a bystander to such incidents (Gordon,  2019). In fact, when the shock of being bullied is so great, and happened at an earlier stage in one's life, then this memory can reappear later on in life, as a flashback.

PTSD Therapy includes three goals:

  • to improve your symptoms

  • to teach you the tools one needs to deal with the symptoms

  • to raise one's self-esteem

It is important to get the help one needs for working through any events in workplace bullying.


Please consider my services by looking at my website at or write to me at We offer individual consults as well as workshops for small or large scale groups.

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