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Beyond Allyship

Being an ally in a workplace bullying situation is paramount. If there are no bystanders/allies .. then the bully will have no audience. Sometimes, the bully behaves this way not only to humiliate the target but to demonstrate 'power' to the bully's audience.

Allies go beyond bullying situations. In diversity training workshops we talk about becoming allies to people with less structural power in our society. Generally, people from diverse and underrepresented groups-groups who can be prone to bullying more than others just for who they are.

We want to create a just system. We believe in the moral obligation to stand up to what is right for all persons, no matter who they are. Collaboration with our peers and supporting another person is the crux and describes the way to go. Understanding intersectionality where people view others in terms of power and identity needs to be studied. In order to do this we must reach across lines of race, gender, class and geography.

If we can do this, workplace bullying will diminish for sure.


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