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Are You Suffering From Burnout from COVID-19?

Recently, I read that employees are now feeling more burnout than ever before due to COVID-19 (Black, 2020). As a result of a survey conducted by Glint, a company that promotes people success and employee improvement, seven hundred thousand survey responses from employees around the world, showed the 'biggest emerging trend threatening employee well-being' is burnout.

Why burnout? As the mental health of employees becomes paramount, while they lead their jobs from  online perspectives, one needs to seek more efficient ways to align job and personal responsibilities. People who struggle with balancing or coping with their job and personal responsibilities are more likely to show burnout.

Why does burnout occur in these cases? First when any lack of communication from employer to colleague, or any inability to cope with personal issues occurs, there is a lack of ambiguity in purpose and self-control. One gets to feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet the demands of the workplace and home. 

Secondly, when one experiences a loss of meaning in one's job, or in personal issues, mental and physical exhaustion in one's personal life takes over. Energy levels decrease, pessimistic outlooks occur and lower productivity follows. Bad relationships, traumatic or shocking events, medical issues, daily frustrations, etc. In union with job responsibilities, can affect the emotional balance of events, thereby disrupting one's equilibrium, and inability to cope with job and personal issues.

If you are a leader in your organization, check in with your colleagues regularly, to see how they are doing in general, and how job responsibilities have impacted on their lives. In this way, by showing awareness to issues causing burnout in our colleagues, we can ensure a more productive workplace during stressed times.


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