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  • Clara Wajngurt

Are You Psychologically Safe?

Are you working in a toxic environment?

Dr. Aitsi-Selmi tackles this question by defining the general definition of toxicity: 

#Toxicity is the harmful effect a substance can have on a human being or living organism. 

So in a toxic culture what exactly is this substance?

The claim is that a lack of #psychological #safety is the '#substance' where people don't feel safe working in their environments. Psychological safety can impact on psychological #stress at work as well as affect one's health.

If you find you have a big workload and you cannot handle this job, you feel overwhelmed and helpless in completing your workload, this can impact on physical and mental health.
If you work hard and put a lot of energy into your job or relationship-but you see your salary, personal security or job security, self-esteem, or recognition don't add up-one can become overly stressed.

If you work in a rigid hierarchical environment-or you have a relationship with someone who hampers innovation and creativity - this can affect one's health.

We need to work on being in psychologically safe environments where workplace bullying is non-existent. In this way our physical and mental stressors are immensely diminished.


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