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  • Clara Wajngurt

Are We Living Now In the Age of The New Normal?

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, our lives have changed considerably. At some point we were all on lockdown, and now states are slowly beginning to re-open schools, businesses, as well as other public and private institutions. As a result of these changes, we still need to practice social distancing, wear personal protective equipment, wash our hands throughout the day, and go through screening techniques at our workplaces.Anxiety is still prevalent, as the unpredictable fear of infection looms over us. The key is to practice stress relief so that we are all stabilized with mental and emotional well-being...and hence this has defined the new normal for us.

The new normal means we will need to assess our colleagues' daily, by checking to see if they have COVID-19 symptoms. The new normal means, not only will we isolate immediately if our colleagues have COVID-19 symptoms, or test positive for Coronavirus, but we will have to clean our offices tenaciously, and rigorously, AND also ensure that all of our colleagues are safe and healthy.

Now we will need to know, when coming to work, are we carefully watching our colleagues' behaviors so that we all take safety precautions, and diminish this COVID-19 from our lives completely?

Welcome to the age of the NEW NORMAL!!!


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