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Are We Bullying Our Disabled Students?

The March 22, 2019 Chronicle of Higher Education had an  article titled 'Like a Slap in the Face: Advocates Say Bribery Scheme Will Harm #Students With #Learning #Disabilities'. Essentially a student called SC was diagnosed in middle school with a mathematics learning disorder called #dyscalculia. She first took the entrance SAT exam  without accommodations and received a 1040 on the SAT. Then afterwards she received permission to retake the SAT. Clearly a different version of the exam, in a separate room with no distractions, and with twice as much time as the other students. She then received a 1550 SAT score.

What made the difference were the six months of late night studying that she did with a tutor. The testing accommodations gave her the chance to truly show what she knew. But SC learned last week that some students were pretending to have learning disabilities and cheat their way into colleges.

According to SC it was a 'slap in the face that people would want to fake a disability like this.' What this does is  'it makes it harder for people who really need these accommodations to get the appropriate accommodations during such exams.'

Last week an admissions #bribery #scandal involved a filing by the US Justice Department where a company called  Key helped wealthy clients get their children into elite universities. One of the strategies was to tell their clients to have their children, pretending stupidity, to be checked out by a #psychiatrist who would then sign off that these children needed special accommodations.

Don't you think this is #bullying of #students who are #disabled and really need these accommodations?


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