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  • Clara Wajngurt

Are Diversity and Inclusion at the Core of Workplace Bullying Prevention?

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of workplace bullying prevention. It is important to allow our organizations to 'drive' these values into their organizational climates. In fact, it is important to encourage the communication that is needed to create such strategies that coordinate diversity initiatives and support systems, as well as recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, students, and colleagues in corporate environments.

This is done by promoting an #organizational #climate that nurtures different backgrounds, identities, approaches and demographics. By increasing the numbers of under-represented people and by removing patterns of behavior that result in exclusions of particular groups, is a step in this direction. In this way all of our colleagues will feel involved and appreciated.

Let's start this process for accomplishing #diversity and #inclusion, by talking to the leaders in our organizations, and by actively coordinating and implementing diversity initiatives, support systems and increasing self-value on a daily basis. In this way workplace bullying will slowly be eradicated in our workplaces. 


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