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Are Corporations Going Online From Now On?

We know that corporations have sent their employees to various training courses and conferences to further their employees' education, in order to support their jobs. However, now it seems evident (Busteed, 2020), that due to the COVID-19 situation, 'corporate education may not return to the classroom' setting. 

Of course, if your employer needs to deal with tangible issues like improvements in laboratory facilities, or with updating physical equipment, we may need to see additional training to improve the physical state of our environments. However, the fact remains that education and training for other means than to learn hands-on aspects, can be done online. Online training is less expensive and more focused, than in-person training. With online meetings, businesses can save on airline travel, hotels, and conference meeting expenses, There is more flexibility with time from home. Also the content of online courses can be customized to help an individual colleague work in a quicker format by checking other online sources during online training. The only concern is that social isolation can affect the emotional and psychological health of the individual. Can we do anything about this?


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