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Are Community Colleges an Answer to COVID19?

Our world changed back in March when suddenly we were thrust with a pandemic in our midst. People were not prepared and did not know what to do., home, etc. went into disarray. Had we been prepared for catastrophes like COVID-19, perhaps this pandemic would not have been as extensive as it became. The Policy Leadership Trust (2020) asserts that community colleges are the key to recovering from COVID-19. Let's think about this.

What is the purpose of a community college education:

  1. It provides workforce training.

  2. It provides remediation in preparation for higher education courses.

  3. It provides community enrichment.

  4. It provides transfer and articulation to four-year programs.

So why is the community college environment the best source to combat public health crises brought about by COVID-19?

  1. Community colleges provide education and training of the workforce necessary for treating those who are sick.

  2. Community colleges provide career-oriented opportunities that encourage its students to get back into the job market. So if one lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider the community college option to start a new career.

  3. Since community colleges serve their communities-community college programs often partner with health and human agencies to deliver supports and access for students.

  4. Community colleges are easily adaptable to the needs of the environment and can offer education and training needed for education about COVID-19.

Consider the community college as a solution---if you lost your job or need a new career. This will be a start to serving your needs.


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