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Alleviating Nurse Burnout on the Job -Can We Do This?

About a week ago I spoke to someone in the nursing field, and was told that long term care nursing is essentially understaffed. As a result, the nurses in long term care are forced to work longer hours and the residents at the facility are often increasing and have many activities on their calendars. It is a fact that nurses who work longer hours are more prone to burnout and medical errors (Caulfield, 2019).

We need to invest in the mental health of nurses. The stress of balancing one's physical health, keeping on your toes, one's mental health and nurse abuse including nurses bullying each other would affect patient care. Poor communication, lateness on the job, neglecting one's patient, will impact on the overall quality of health care at the facility.

It is important for managers to praise and respect their nurses. If the directors at the facility appreciate the work of their nurses perhaps nurse disengagement will be decreased.

Secondly work with staffing agencies to hire more nurses. If you are a manager or director, this can alleviate nurse burnout and improve patient outcomes.

What do you think?


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