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Dr. Clara Wajngurt 


I am an executive coach, author, speaker and professor in higher education for thirty five years, an expert in the self-development of others, and in empowering those around me. I first learned about coaching when I was coached for a higher education administrative position. I found the process fun, liked the feedback I received from my coach, and appreciated her leadership style. 


Over the years, I have devoted my career to encouraging my students and colleagues to take control of their lives, setting goals, and in making positive choices. This has been shown in my teaching, in my math anxiety workshops and more recently in my STEM workshops. As a union advocate I not only negotiate for employment rights in the workplace, but for excellent working conditions for faculty and staff. I have been actively involved in grievances, tenure and promotion decisions, job security actions and discussions on benefits for employees at our university.

My passion is to make a difference in improving the quality of higher education and the corporate world so that levels of attainment are reached and strong relationships between colleagues occur for advancing a healthy and productive work environment.

My approach is generally by phone – or can be done in person as well. Sometimes it is one session and sometimes it is several sessions depending on the person.         

My experience is being available to others as I have been available as an advocate and union officer who has served others well, for resolving their complaints and issues with the higher education system


Sometimes in the case of workplace bullying, people are afraid to put testimonials· A testimonial appears on my website on line. I hide their identity when a testimonial is made on my behalf.


Yes, I have the ability to develop a strong trusting relationship with a client. I care about people and I sincerely want them to do well.


                 Yes, I have a style that is compatible and flexible.


When colleagues work together as one team, the success of the university and corporate environments move forward. Strong leadership, collaboration and communication will encourage all colleagues to work effectively with one another and will help show appreciation for one another.


Clara Wajngurt has written several peer-reviewed articles on workplace bullying prevention and has written two books on this subject. Her educational background includes a BS in both Mathematics and Psychology from City College of New York and a Doctorate in Algebraic Number Theory from City University of New York Graduate School. She has conducted many workshops at the college in math anxiety and in the encouragement of more diverse groups to enter STEM fields.


She has also observed many unfortunate instances of workplace bullying in her university, where she is proactive to prevent workplace bullying.





A: I'm a hardworking and super motivated person who is passionate about being involved in a challenging and rewarding environment where I can help others. I care about people and want to play an active role in solving your workplace issues. I've worked with workplace bullying issues before and am therefore sensitive to the needs of those who work in both the university and corporate management worlds and for resolving such issues.

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